Sales of sterilised aluminium containers for creams and toothpaste

Tecnotubetti is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging,the Como-based company operates in the Italian and International market and provides its customers with a wide range of high-quality and high-resistance collapsible aluminium tubes for pharmaceutical products.

We manufacture sterilised containers for spreadable medication: Quality and safety

In the pharmaceutical sector, packaging is essential. It must be able to resist temperatures and external agents to ensure optimum preservation of the product it contains. Tecnotubetti manufactures sterilised packaging for spreadable medicines, ensuring absolute product safety thanks to careful quality controls.
Every aluminium package we produce is accompanied by a certificate of conformity, which is issued to the customer upon delivery.
Customers can order screen-printed sterilised tubes for medicine with their company's logos and colours. Personalised packaging is available in various sizes: aluminium tubes with a diameter of 13.5 mm to 40 mm and various models, such as tubes for the ophthalmic sector with a long application nozzle, available with open or closed holes.

The company manufactures sterilised containers for toothpaste, creams and ointments, which are versatile, durable and reliable thanks to our high quality control standards under ISO 9001:00. You can place your orders for the quantity you need and take advantage of fast and affordable aluminium tube shipping by calling:

Batches of aluminium tubes are sent throughout Italy and Europe thanks to our extensive distribution network. The aluminium sticks arrive at your pharmaceutical plant in industrial pallets protected by a transparent film to avoid any contamination.

Aluminium tubes for medicines available with open or closed holes

Our pharmaceutical packaging is sterilised, safe and completely sealed to prevent air or other substances from penetrating the tube, causing the active ingredients to deteriorate. Our squeezable tubes make it easy to use and apply your creams, preventing the product from being wasted.

You can choose the flexible aluminium tube format you need according to the medicinal product you would like to package.

Tecnotubetti operates throughout the province of Como in Lombardy, manufacturing:

  • flexible tubes for toothpaste,
  • tubes for pharmaceutical creams;
  • tubes for ointments;
  • laminated tubes for medicines;
  • aluminium packaging for ointments.


We ship any quantity of aluminium tubes to Italian and international markets

The company also manufactures packaging for spreadable medicines and treatment creams for Oral Care and Pharma.

For more information and to find out the cost for pharmaceutical packaging, don't hesitate to call us on +39 0331 831352, or fill out the contact form on this page. Fast shipments of any quantity of containers throughout Italy and abroad.

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