We manufacture collapsible aluminium cream containers for Italy and abroad

One of the areas where packaging is essential, not only for marketing but to maintain the integrity of the product, is the cosmetics sector. Based in Como, Tecnotubetti is one of the leading manufacturers of lithograph-printed packaging for cosmetics .

The company produces collapsible aluminium tubes for major brands of cosmetics and personal care products. The tubes are made in various sizes and formats with a diameter of 13.5 mm to 40 mm, and can be lithograph-printed in 1 to 5 colours.


Print your logo on tubes for creams and cosmetics

The Como-based company manufactures shiny or pearly lacquered aluminium tubes, which can be screen-printed and personalised with the company's logo and colours for both domestic and foreign markets.
We are a leading company in packaging for cosmetics and have built up partnerships with many production companies in the Lombardy region. We stand out in the field of aluminium packaging in Italian and foreign markets for the quality of our products, for our choice of raw materials and for our packaging design.

Every production order is accompanied by a certificate of conformity, which is issued to the customer upon delivery.

Tubes for cosmetic creams and beauty products in any shape or format

Tecnotubetti provides its customers with a very wide range of steel tube packaging:

  • tubes for face creams,
  • tubes for moisturisers,
  • cylinder and cone tubes,
  • aluminium tubes with closed and open holes;
  • ophthalmic aluminium tubes,

this page shows the table with the technical specifications of each product to help customers select the most suitable cosmetics packaging for their products.

Our products are constantly monitored by the production staff and quality control laboratory, from the extrusion stage right through to packaging and shipping.

Fast shipments in any quantity: call us now on +39 0331 831352

The company can assure the production and delivery of any quantity of aluminium tubes for creams and ointments. To request a quote for cosmetics packaging, get in touch with Tecnotubetti using the contact form on this page. You will soon be contacted by our staff.

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