TECNOTUBETTI is a Como-based company which manufactures collapsible aluminium tubes with a diameter of 13.5 mm to 40 mm, lithograph-printed in five colours, with lacquered shoulder and guaranteed internal protection.

Industry professionals know how important packaging is to preserve the integrity of a product. This is why we manufacture third-party aluminium tubes to package creams, ointments and medicines, which are sterilised and sealed to ensure the absolute safety and protection of the product against contamination.


Absolute safety and optimum packaging of your products

Our products are constantly monitored by the production staff and quality control laboratory, from the extrusion stage right through to packaging and shipping. Our control charts and perfect internal organisation enable TECNOTUBETTI to ensure high quality as well as a timely and reliable delivery service.

Product features

Every production order is accompanied by a certificate of conformity, which is issued to the customer upon delivery.

  • DIAMETER AND CAPACITY (See table below for more details)

OFFSET PRINTING AND LITHOGRAPHY : the tubes' print can be customised in up to 5 colours

THE BASE: The base of the tube can also be customised using various kinds of lacquer:

- Gloss white

- Matt white

- Clear gloss

- Clear matt

- Coloured gloss

- Coloured matt

- Glitter



Various kinds of capsules or caps can be placed on the tubes:

Truncated cone

Whole tube


Every production order is accompanied by a certificate of conformity, which is issued to the customer upon delivery.

tube caps
tube cap colours

Properties of aluminium: why choose a tube to package products

Aluminium is the most suitable material as it is:

  • lightweight,
  • impact and corrosion resistant,
  • a good thermal conductor.


It is able to provide an excellent barrier to protect against light, air, moisture and microorganisms, keeping all the properties of the product it contains intact.
What's more , aluminium packaging is non-toxic and e

The aluminium gives the packaging an attractive appearance and, in terms of marketing, it lends itself to any type of personalisation.

See the print area to find out about all of the services offered to customise your tube.

We are at your disposal for any information.

To order pharmaceutical packaging , aluminium packaging, or tubes for spreadable creams, please call our headquarters on: +39 0331 831352, or fill out the contact form on this page. We provide fast shipments of any quantity of containers throughout Italy and abroad.

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