Tecnotubetti is a leading aluminium packaging manufacturer, based in the province of Como and operating in the tube market for domestic and international product packaging.

Whether you're looking for a small size tube for cosmetic creams, or squeezable 200 ml packs for food, the Como-based company will provide you with the ideal product to best preserve your products, while giving you dedicated support to select and customise the most suitable product for your purpose.

Aluminium tubes: product features and benefits

Because of its inherent properties, aluminium is the ideal material for producing packaging for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries. Aluminium is the most suitable material as it is:

  • lightweight,
  • impact and corrosion resistant,
  • a good thermal conductor.


It is able to provide an excellent barrier to protect against light, air, moisture and microorganisms, keeping all the properties of the product it contains intact.

What's more, aluminium packaging is non-toxic and environmentally friendly since it is 100% recyclable.

Manufacturing industrial packaging

Visit the relevant sections to explore our range of aluminum tubes for the following industries:

  • food;
  • chemical;
  • cosmetic;
  • and pharmaceutical.

Thanks to our certified control standards, we manufacture high-quality metal packaging for creams , cosmetics, paints and food, in accordance with current regulations.

Fill out the form on the relevant page to place an order for any-size aluminium tubes , or call us on +39 0331 831 352. Shipping is fast, guaranteed and our prices are competitive.

We manufacture packaging to meet all packaging requirements

The company manufactures third-party industrial packaging, by providing a wide-range of products able to meet your needs. We produce, for example:

tubes for mayonnaise, tomato purée, pâté and anchovy paste;

aluminum packaging for fruit spreads;

stick packaging for the chemical industry;

aluminium collapsible tubes;

flexible packaging.


How we transport and ship our products on industrial pallets

The tubes are shipped to Italy and abroad in secure and sturdy industrial packaging. The boxes come in different sizes, such as:

600 x 365 x 150 mm

600 x 375 x 135 mm

600 x 375 x 175 mm

600 x 375 x 215 mm

with made-to-measure lids.

The boxes are loaded onto industrial pallets which hold up to 4 or 5 boxes, non-standard disposable pallets, standard EUR-pallets or PC pallets which are fumigated for exportation. Depending on the supply demand, we also offer a custom-sized boxes option.

When the finished product has been loaded onto the pallet, it is wrapped with two layers of stretch wrap and the top is covered in cellophane.

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